Thursday, May 23, 2013

Four Months.

I used to say that my favorite stage of "babyhood" was, without a doubt, when babies learned to sit up on their own.  I think I might be changing my mind.  Your four-month-old self is pretty doggone cute. :)

You smile all the time.  You laugh (especially when we tickle your armpits).  You LOVE when Babe and Harry talk "baby talk" to smile with your whole face and that sweet little dimple of yours becomes so noticeable.  It's pretty awesome.  You suck on your entire fist.  You've found your feet, too, and can get quite a few toes in your mouth at once.  You can roll from your tummy to your back and from your back to your tummy but haven't yet mastered the art of rolling in succession.  We've had a few rough nights lately, though, because you'll roll onto your stomach while you are sleeping and wake up extremely angry (and with a couple of limbs sticking through the slats of your crib!).  You're definitely most content sleeping on your side.

You weigh 15 lbs 3 oz and are 25.5 inches long.  You're still a big baby (wearing 6-12 month clothes and finishing up the last size 2 diapers-the next box we buy will be threes) but are starting to average out on the percentile chart.  You continue to do a great job nursing as well.  Not much has changed with your schedule: you're still up around 7-7:30, nurse every four hours (with a "topping off" session right before bed), and sleep from about 9:00-7:00 each night.

You reach for toys, shake rattles, can get your head and chest off the ground when laying on your stomach, LOVE to "stand," while being held (we'll be breaking out the jumpy seat soon), nap whenever you need to (regardless of where you are), coo and babble constantly, and continue to enjoy cuddling.  You'll smile at anyone who speaks to you.  We've started wearing you in the Baby Bjorn whenever we're out (at the grocery store, at the ballpark, etc.) and you never complain.  You still take your paci but aren't nearly as attached to it as everyone else was.  And, in case I haven't mentioned it yet, you're absolutely adorable.

Your newest nickname, given to you by Hadley, of course, is "Little."  "Thatchy-Buddy" and "Thatchy Doe" are still hanging in there, too...but Babe is always saying, "Hey, Little" anytime she sees you.  I love the way she says it and you do, too.

So Happy Four Months, Little. We love you!

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