Sunday, May 12, 2013


Harris was assigned his first (of many) research projects. :)  He chose to learn more about "sabertooth cats."
If there's anything I'm thankful for in the homework realm, it's the internet.  I can still remember my mom dragging me to the public library (back when it was in downtown Lawrenceville) to "research" and check out Babysitters' Club books.  It's tough enough for me to find uninterrupted time to print out a word document; I can't imagine loading up my crew and heading to the library!

Harris did a great job with his project, though.  We learned that sabertooth cats killed prey with their teeth that were the size of bananas.  Sabertooth cats were also three feet tall.  That's some pretty exciting stuff when you're a six-year-old boy!

We worked on that poster for about a week...even though Harris enjoys school, homework is like pulling teeth most of the time.  I'm trying hard to create a homework routine that will stick with him throughout his educational career...truthfully, I'm not sure it's going so well.

I can't wait to see what first grade brings!

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