Monday, May 13, 2013

Kindergarten Roundup.

Hadley and I spent last Thursday morning over at Freeman's Mill participating in the Kindergarten Roundup!
Even though she tells me she's "still a little nervous" to go to Kindergarten in the fall, she's also excited to finally have a turn to experience some of things she's watched Harris do over the last year.

Even when she feels a little shy, the girl can muster confidence from out of nowhere.  When the "red fish" group was called to gather beside their assigned Kindergarten teacher so they could head off to complete their activities, my girl marched herself right across the front of the packed cafeteria with a smile on her face...loving the fact that every eye was on her for a brief moment in time.  The assistant principal standing at the microphone even commented on the persona projected by Hadley.  The girl is something else.

Ben was unable to miss work on Thursday morning, so I sat through the parent part of the presentation by myself.  Having just been through the process with Harris, this time around things are easy for me.  Our experience at Freeman's Mill has been nothing but fabulous and I can't wait for our family to take the next step there.

As a special treat, we got to watch Harris sing with the current Kindergarteners during the program.

That boy is something else, too.

Hadley returned from her time with her small group sporting a goofy grin and this awesome hat:

And then we hopped on the bus for a quick spin around a nearby neighborhood.

The bus driver, who was transporting rising Kindergarteners and their parents (most of whom were on a school bus for the first time ever), only ran over two curbs during the five-minute tour...not too sure what to say about that.

Hadley loved the experience, regardless of the curbs, and was so excited to get back to Ms. Audra and her Pre-K class so she could share.

I still haven't processed the fact that my little "Baby H" will be headed off to Kindergarten in the fall.  For now, I'm trying to enjoy all of the articulation activities with her without putting any thought whatsoever into what they actually mean.

She's growing up on me.  Funny how they do that.

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