Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Saturday Morning at Mema's.

Mema moved into a new place not too long ago and we've been anxiously awaiting a free weekend to visit her and see her new house!  We finally had some time this past Saturday and had such a wonderful morning spending time with Mema and exploring her fantastic new space!

Mema had all kind of snacks ready for us (deviled eggs, Chick-fil-a nuggets, grapes, crackers and pimento cheese, ginger ale, and lemonade) and the kids had such fun playing "restaurant" while sitting at the bar area in Mema's kitchen.  They also had fun playing with all the toys in Mema's "relaxing room."  I think the highlight of the morning, though, was when we decided to go for a "hike" in Mema's backyard.

Mema's house is in the back of a neighborhood and is built on lots and lots of land (I think she said 37 acres?!?!).  There are lots of woods surrounding her house along with a small waterfall, fairly large creek, and a lake.  We had a BLAST checking everything out.

Babe even found herself a great walking stick that she asked Mema to store in her carport.  We seriously can't wait to get back as soon as possible!

Ben, Auntie, and the biggies hiked quite a bit farther than Mema, Emmy, Thatch, and me did.  The babies still enjoyed being outdoors, though-even if they didn't get to stay out quite as long.

After leaving Mema's, we stopped by Aunt Rosie's new house before leaving Athens and heading for home. We had such a great time visiting everyone and playing outdoors and are already counting down the days until we can get back!

Ben's already packing up his hiking gear for the next trip!!!  :)  

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