Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pre-K Field Day.

Last Thursday, Primrose hosted a field day and family cookout to help close out and celebrate the year before graduation on Friday night.  I was able to sneak away from work in time to watch Babe participate in a few of the field day games.  Watching her interact with her peers confirmed what I know to be true:  the girl is silly, silly, silly.  And she loves her some Ms. Audra. :)

The weather was perfect for spending the day outside.  Ben showed up just as the field day games were ending and the cookout was gearing up.

Neither of us was able to stay for the entire lunch, but we enjoyed eating with our girl and her friends and their families.  Ms. Audra gave each child a candy "award" and certificate that best represented their personality while we were eating.  Hadley earned the "Bubble Yum" award for her bubbly personality. :)  

She was so excited to be given a pack of her very own bubble gum and to have her picture taken with Ms. Audra.  All the other parents always comment on Babe's big personality (I refer to it as "dramatic"), so I have no doubt she was the number one choice for this particular prize.

Ms. Audra always goes above and beyond and is so incredibly creative...the candy awards were a perfect example of how much she invests in each and every kid in in her class.  We are most definitely going to miss having her for a teacher next year!

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