Thursday, May 2, 2013

Three Months.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

Whenever people ask about my baby, I always answer with some version of the following:  "He's chunky, fat, and absolutely adorable."   And it's all completely true.

People who know my family typically respond with something along the lines of:  "That baby is your Dad."  And that's true, too.  You look a lot like your Pop.

You smile all the time.  You drool all the time.  You blow spit bubbles like a pro.  You "talk" and coo and blow raspberries, too.  And the dimple on your left cheek makes me melt every time I see it.

And you're strong.  You hold your head up very well, are getting better and better at raising your chest while on your stomach, and LOVE to "stand."  I'm always amazed at the strength of your little fat legs.

You're still in a size 2 diaper and now wear 6-12 or 9-month-sized clothes.  You're also still nursing five times a day (7:00ish, 11:00ish, 3:00ish, 7:00ish, and a nightcap around 9:30) and sleeping from about 9:30 until 7:00.  During the week, you're drinking two 8-oz. bottles at Ginnell's.  I have no idea how much you weigh, but you look bigger to me every single day.

You nap whenever and wherever and are still a pretty great nighttime sleeper.  You've started to break out of the swaddle lately, so every now and then we'll hear you whine in your crib, but you always go a good 9 1/2 hour stretch between feedings.  Thank you.

You love to be bathed, love attention from your siblings, and love Ms. Ginnell.  You notice more and more of your surroundings every day and toys now hold your attention for quite some time.

While daily life is often crazy and chaotic, I can't imagine it without you.  You are the perfect "baby" of our family and your go-with-the-flow temperament is perfect.  Babe, Harry, and Emmy lavish you with attention...all you have to do is whimper and at least one of them is at your side.  Daddy and I still enjoy spending a little one-on-one time with you after all the biggies have gone to will be bittersweet when your bedtime more closely resembles theirs.

We love you, Thatchy-Buddy.  And you can thank Hadley for that nickname.  It's the one we use the most these days, although "Thatchy Doe" has morphed into something more along the lines of "Thatchido" and is still used quite frequently (mostly by me).  You respond with a smile to all of them. :)

What a sweet boy you are.

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