Thursday, February 24, 2011

Martha Speaks.

Chick-fil-A has been giving away "Martha Speaks" books (based on the PBS cartoon) with their Kids' Meals for the past couple of months.  The kids have fallen in love.  We read our Martha books regularly, talk frequently about Martha and Skits and Helen, and have even added "Martha" to the DVR lineup.

About a month ago, Harris began asking for a "Martha dog."  Ben and I decided that if he was willing to work a little bit and contribute toward the purchase, we'd be more than willing to allow him to have a "Martha dog" of his very own. And so the "jobs" began...

Harris cleared the table after dinner, straightened up the playroom, kept his room clean, and put his laundry away.  He earned $1 for every 5 stickers he collected, and we told him that once he had $14.00 (half the cost of Martha, some cash to save, and his tithe), we'd help him buy a Martha on the computer.

Neither Ben nor I were aware of the cash that kid had saved in his special Georgia box.  Thanks to Mimi and Poppa and all the $2 bills they've sent, and to Granti and all the singles she mails, it took Harry about a week to earn all the money he needed.

He's now addicted to Amazon.

And to Martha.  That dog hasn't left his side since she came in the mail.

Monday, February 14, 2011



The kids worked hard on their friends' Valentine's cards last night.

Really, really hard. 

Sweet Harris spent about an hour picking out cards and stickers for each of his friends and then signing his name twenty-two times.  When we finally finished, he looked at me and said, "I am ready to play now.  I am tired of writing my name." 

Bless his heart.

This morning, we came downstairs to our kitchen table of love.

Everyone found a little surprise at their seat!  The kids got new "snuggle-y" blankets (they are waaay into snuggling these days), candy, and special cards from both Ben and me.  I scored two new magazines with "Teen Mom" cover stories, some azaleas that Ben has promised to plant in the yard, and a couple Reese's peanut butter hearts which I completely devoured before I even made it to school.  The kids chose a special Snoopy doll for Ben, and he also found a new journal entry and a very special picture in his spot.

Not a bad way to start the morning.

Man, I love these guys.

After a day of celebrating at work and school, we came home for a family dinner complete with a heart-shaped cake for dessert!  We also took some time to go around the table and share a reason why we love each member of our family.

My favorite response:  Harris loves Ben because he really, really likes to "spank his bootie."

Me, too. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


There are many things for which I am thankful.  Ms. Ginnell, however, and the other amazing children Hadley gets to spend her weekdays with definitely round out my top five.

This past Saturday, the Transformations families (Transformations is the name of Ginnell's childcare business) spent the afternoon bowling. 

Harris and Hadley had a ball getting to play with their closest friends (even though they really missed Nicholas and Ava, whose family had a previous engagement), and the adults had a great time, too!  Us grown-ups battled it out on one lane while the kids enjoyed themselves on the lane right next to ours.

Babe got a little nervous after almost crossing the "line" on her very first attempt.  After that, she chose to spend most of her time eating pizza and cuddling with Ms. Ginnell.

These three amigos were more than happy to take turns bowling for the Babe.

Once we got a ramp put up on the kids' lane, there was no stopping them.  Harris LOVED knocking down all of the pins, and Hadley even worked up the nerve to give it another shot.

Even though I was nowhere near the top of the leader board, it was still a pretty exciting Saturday afternoon. 

Especially because Babe kept her pull-up dry ALL DAY LONG (and even used the potty at the bowling alley!!!). 

Just another one of the many, many reasons we love Ms. Ginnell!

Friday, February 11, 2011

My View.

As of yesterday, it includes flowers from my handsome husband.  It makes me smile to know he's thinking of me even when I'm unaware of it.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Superbowl Sunday.

This year, Superbowl Sunday corresponded with Auntie's birthday, so she had a party.

The kids loved it. 

And Babe found the perfect opportunity to rock the Green Bay shirt Auntie bought her at Goodwill quite a few months ago.

Evidently, Hadley laid eyes on the shirt and begged and cried (and possibly even pitched a small fit) to get Cassidy to purchase it for her.  Not because she remotely recognizes anything related to the Packers, of course, but simply because she thinks it's a green "G-Dawgs" shirt.  We'll take that all day long.

Baby Sam-Sam got in on the celebration action,

and Granti even got all dressed up for the occassion.

Harris put away some baked beans.

We ended up watching the first half of the game with our family and friends, and then Ben and I brought the kiddos home, got them into bed, and used our BFF (the DVR) to catch the halftime show, the highlights of the game, and all the good commercials.

And then we went to sleep.

Man, we're all getting old.  Happy 28th birthday, Cassidy!

Date Night.

I'm a recovering planner. 

Don't get me wrong:  I still crave structure and planning and calendars and all that jazz, but I'm becoming more and more comfortable with the occassional spur-of-the-moment outing...and if I say so myself, I'm loving it.

Case in point:  Saturday night.  Everybody ended up being home (something we hadn't necessarily planned on), and Ben and I decided to take advantage of the time (and the season) and head out on individual dates with the kiddos.

Ben used his "hey, I'm part of the Donaldson family and we eat here every Tuesday night" magic to score a reservation for he and Hadley at Chick-fil-A's Daddy/Daughter date night, and I scooped up Harris and headed to Athens to meet up with Big Cooper and take in a little acapella show.

Ben and Babe had a great time at dinner.  From what I've been told, highlights included "heart candy," roses, pink balloons, and a visit from the Chick-fil-A cow.  The highlights did not include remembering the camera, though, so we'll just keep moving...

Harris and I headed to The Morton Theater, but not without swinging by The Varsity first.  I'm so proud of my little guy for loving that place already...he's a big fan of the FO, just like his Mama, and he knows to expect the "Whaddya have?" catchphrase at every visit. The show had a late start time, but we stayed until intermission and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the different groups perform...and my guy even got a little taste of the Athens nightlife.

Of course, we left the camera for Daddy and Babe to use, but we did manage to get one shot together before heading out:

It pretty much sums up the evening.  :-)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today was an "early release" day, so Pre-K ended at 12:30.  When I collected my Harry from the after school program at 4:30 this afternoon, he was still holding tightly to his "note" from Ms. Lorena, his Pre-K teacher.  It says "thanks for your hard work."  Homeboy was sooooooo proud of himself.  He told me he "listened very well" and "made very good decisions" today. 

He digs encouragement, affirmation, and, evidently, notes.  It's time for Mama to step up her game.