Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Superbowl Sunday.

This year, Superbowl Sunday corresponded with Auntie's birthday, so she had a party.

The kids loved it. 

And Babe found the perfect opportunity to rock the Green Bay shirt Auntie bought her at Goodwill quite a few months ago.

Evidently, Hadley laid eyes on the shirt and begged and cried (and possibly even pitched a small fit) to get Cassidy to purchase it for her.  Not because she remotely recognizes anything related to the Packers, of course, but simply because she thinks it's a green "G-Dawgs" shirt.  We'll take that all day long.

Baby Sam-Sam got in on the celebration action,

and Granti even got all dressed up for the occassion.

Harris put away some baked beans.

We ended up watching the first half of the game with our family and friends, and then Ben and I brought the kiddos home, got them into bed, and used our BFF (the DVR) to catch the halftime show, the highlights of the game, and all the good commercials.

And then we went to sleep.

Man, we're all getting old.  Happy 28th birthday, Cassidy!

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  1. nah, you're just getting started!! love all the pics...snuggle in tonight waiting for the snow ;)