Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Date Night.

I'm a recovering planner. 

Don't get me wrong:  I still crave structure and planning and calendars and all that jazz, but I'm becoming more and more comfortable with the occassional spur-of-the-moment outing...and if I say so myself, I'm loving it.

Case in point:  Saturday night.  Everybody ended up being home (something we hadn't necessarily planned on), and Ben and I decided to take advantage of the time (and the season) and head out on individual dates with the kiddos.

Ben used his "hey, I'm part of the Donaldson family and we eat here every Tuesday night" magic to score a reservation for he and Hadley at Chick-fil-A's Daddy/Daughter date night, and I scooped up Harris and headed to Athens to meet up with Big Cooper and take in a little acapella show.

Ben and Babe had a great time at dinner.  From what I've been told, highlights included "heart candy," roses, pink balloons, and a visit from the Chick-fil-A cow.  The highlights did not include remembering the camera, though, so we'll just keep moving...

Harris and I headed to The Morton Theater, but not without swinging by The Varsity first.  I'm so proud of my little guy for loving that place already...he's a big fan of the FO, just like his Mama, and he knows to expect the "Whaddya have?" catchphrase at every visit. The show had a late start time, but we stayed until intermission and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the different groups perform...and my guy even got a little taste of the Athens nightlife.

Of course, we left the camera for Daddy and Babe to use, but we did manage to get one shot together before heading out:

It pretty much sums up the evening.  :-)

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