Sunday, February 13, 2011


There are many things for which I am thankful.  Ms. Ginnell, however, and the other amazing children Hadley gets to spend her weekdays with definitely round out my top five.

This past Saturday, the Transformations families (Transformations is the name of Ginnell's childcare business) spent the afternoon bowling. 

Harris and Hadley had a ball getting to play with their closest friends (even though they really missed Nicholas and Ava, whose family had a previous engagement), and the adults had a great time, too!  Us grown-ups battled it out on one lane while the kids enjoyed themselves on the lane right next to ours.

Babe got a little nervous after almost crossing the "line" on her very first attempt.  After that, she chose to spend most of her time eating pizza and cuddling with Ms. Ginnell.

These three amigos were more than happy to take turns bowling for the Babe.

Once we got a ramp put up on the kids' lane, there was no stopping them.  Harris LOVED knocking down all of the pins, and Hadley even worked up the nerve to give it another shot.

Even though I was nowhere near the top of the leader board, it was still a pretty exciting Saturday afternoon. 

Especially because Babe kept her pull-up dry ALL DAY LONG (and even used the potty at the bowling alley!!!). 

Just another one of the many, many reasons we love Ms. Ginnell!

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