Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Swim Lesson Two.

Today we were prepared with goggles.

I knew Harris would wear his (he borrowed his teacher's yesterday), but was shocked when Babe kept hers on for the entire lesson.  She even let her instructor, Mr. Caleb, help her fit them correctly to her face!

And yes, she totally wore her zebra dress, cowgirl boots, and super girl cape over her bathing suit this morning.

Swim lessons today were even better than yesterday! 

Hadley was so well behaved and followed Mr. Caleb's directions perfectly.  She put her face in the water, blew bubbles, kicked her legs hard, "walked" herself around the wall of the pool with her hands, and "swam" on her belly and her back.

Harris was a fish!  I couldn't get any pictures of him because he spent the entire lesson swimming underwater.  He jumped in and swam underwater to his teacher (who, but the way, is named Ms. Jeanette and not Ms. Jetson), swam underwater from the middle of the pool all the way back to the edge, and even swam underwater to collect five diving rings all by himself!

I am so, so proud of my water babies, and I'm pretty sure I'm just as excited as they are to head back tomorrow!  We'll be sad to swim lessons come to an end!

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