Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beach. Monday.

Monday morning started with a trip to Fort Clinch. 

The Fort is literally right behind our condo, and is a Union fort which reached its height around 1864-65.  It's actually a pretty cool place, but it's also really, really hot.

Auntie had a hard time with the heat.  She toughed it out, though, and we even made a trip to the Park Pier before heading home.

We made it to the "Flordia house" in time for naps and lunch.  Babe is loving her "beach room" (our walk-in closet) and has been a pretty good sleeper this trip.  Harry has, also...playing hard during the day helps a ton!

I was lucky enough to head down the pool with my Nook during nap time.  I fell asleep for about an hour, and it was soooooo nice to close my eyes and hear the sounds of children playing around me and know that I didn't have to open my eyes and look around because none of the kiddos playing belonged to me!  I got a great nap in and still had time to read...pretty good afternoon in my opinion.

For dinner we headed to Sliders, one of our favorite places from last year.  We had a perfect table right in front of the playground, so Harris and Hadley were in heaven.

After dinner (scallops!  yum!), we were able to get the kids to pose for one family pic before they made a beeline for the ocean. 

I love, love, love that they have such a great time in the water!

When we got back to the condo, Harris couldn't wait to get his little bootie in the pool, so we headed on out.  We spent the evening doing a whole lot of this:

Babe and Harris also took their kickboards to the pool and spent a lot of time practicing some skills they learned during their lessons.  I was SO PROUD of my little Harry, especially, because he swam from one side of the pool to the other all by himself.  Ben and Harris have been working so hard this week and it's really paying off.  Harry is becoming quite the little fish!!

We made it back inside and had the kids in bed in time for Ben to catch "The Bachelorette."  We also introduced Granti to "Extreme Makeover:  Weight Loss Edition" while snacking on mint creme oreos.

Not a bad way to end the day.

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