Friday, July 8, 2011

Believe It or Not....

...we have a name!

It's taken a lot of thought, a lot of vetoes, and a little bit of consultation, but Ben and I literally shook on it a few days ago, so it's settled. 

Bless his heart...Ben prefers popular names from the 1950s.  I prefer anything not found on a top 10 list, regardless of the decade. 

But we're both pretty excited to meet our new baby girl, Avery Emmeline.  We'll call her Emmy.

Babe and Harry love it!


  1. I like old names, too, Ben :-) And i think the name you picked is just perfect. Love "Emmy".
    So, do you EVER call your kids by their "real" names?! ha!

  2. So excited ya'll came to a final name:) Have fun at the beach!