Saturday, July 30, 2011

Game Ranch.

We're going to squeeze every inch of fun we can out of the summer.

And because work doesn't officially start until Monday, we gathered up our little family and headed out to the Yellow River Game Ranch this morning.  The Game Ranch has been on our "Summer of Fun" list for the last couple of months, but once we started talking about making the trip over, the kids begged and begged to wait for a day when Ben could go with us.

And that day was today.

Bless his sweet Dade County husband had never, ever been to the Game Ranch.  He made sure he came well prepared to remember the trip for a long, long time (and to complete his homework assignment for the photography class he's taking).

We had a BLAST.  The Game Ranch is always tons of fun, but today might have been one of our best trips ever.  Minus the heat, of course.  All of the animals were up and moving about (we saw the bears playing with each other, one bear scratching his back against a pole, the coyotes running around like crazy dogs, the buffalo all up next to the get the picture), and they were all hungry, which always makes things better.

We were well prepared with tons of food.  Babe had a great time feeding the deer and petting the rabbits.  Harris loved the deer, too, but his favorite part is always feeding the squirrels.  Today was no exception.  It's crazy how close they're willing to come for a little peanut action!

For some reason, homegirl was petrified of the roosters.  Her fear was rather unfortunate, seeing as how roosters and chickens pretty much have free roam of the place.  She would literally see one, scream, and freeze.  She was fine if she was holding someone's hand, but if she was all on her own, it was not good. 

That's my girl.

Even with the roosters, though, we managed to have a fantastic time. 

Oh, summer...please don't end.

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