Friday, July 1, 2011


It still astounds me to think that I've shared my life with this little guy for five years. 

He has turned into a charming, witty, occasionally whiny, kind, polite little boy, and I love him in a way I didn't even realize existed until I first heard him cry.

Babe and I accompanied him to his five-year check-up yesterday.  He weighed 41.5 lbs (55th percentile) and was 43.5 inches tall (60th percentile).  His behavior and interaction with all the adults around him made me so proud to be his mama.  He said "please" and "thank you," answered questions with "yes ma'am and "no ma'am," and was so at ease holding his own in a conversation. 

Seriously.  I love him.

He talks with his hands and his facial expressions.  He is silly, and will do just about anything for a laugh.  He is so tender-hearted and struggles sometimes to control his emotions.  He can recognize tons of words and is able to read quite a few books on his own, and math concepts like addition and subtraction come easily to him.

He is into Legos and Cars 2 toys and swimming and the Georgia Bulldogs and the soundtrack to "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."  His favorite show to watch on television is still "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," mostly because movies and older-kid shows are a little too scary for his taste.

He loves to "snuggle" and have "sleepovers" with Ben in his bed.  He plays well with Hadley and watches out for her quite a bit, yet is starting to assert his need for independence as well.  He quite frequently asks her to stay out of his room, which often results in tears.  His high-back booster seat sits in the very last row of our van.  His favorite food these days is "crazy" (Ramen) noodles, with oranges coming in a close second.

He loves to "fight" Ben whenever he gets a chance.  He stands in line by himself at Chick-fil-A and uses his best manners to ask for an ice cream cone.  He is still a great sleeper, and is overly conscious about germs and hand washing.  He loves hard and responds well to hugs and words of encouragement.

He's growing like a weed, but he's still my little boy.

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