Thursday, December 6, 2012

Emmy's Party.

We celebrated Emmy's first birthday this past Sunday afternoon with a small, low-key party with some of our family and friends. 

Because I'm a little (or a lot) crazy when it comes to having large numbers of people in my house at the same time, Ben and me decided to rent the local Activity Center at the park for an extremely reasonable price!  It was perfect...we were able to set up tables with food, a table for cookie decorating, and a table for a cute little Christmas craft.  The room even had a large wall of windows which allowed us adults to watch our kiddos run like crazy outside while we enjoyed the comfort of chairs and the easy access to food. :)

I'm not crafty AT ALL, so I was pretty proud of the "thumbprint light string" craft I found on Pinterest.  I actually think they turned out pretty cute!  We used these as our party favors and I've got to admit I much preferred spending money on the Dollar Tree frames as opposed to bags of dum dums...and everyone got to leave with a personalized Christmas decoration!

Emmy spent most of her time crawling around on the floor, eating crackers, and getting loved on by our guests.  I guess I didn't realize (until we had everyone in the same room!) how few of our family friends actually have babies around Emmy's age.  Most of the kiddos (with the exception of Livi) are older, so Emmy actually spent quite a lot of time around us adults.

We were able to coax the big kids inside for cake!  They were beyond excited to see Emmy make a mess.  They actually gathered around, sang "Happy Birthday," and then proceeded to chant, in unison, "Smash it!  Smash it!  Smash it!"  It was quite funny.

Emmy was slow to warm up, but I don't think she disappointed.

For the most part, she enjoyed the cake.  The attention got to her after a while and she was ready to get up and get clean.  I don't blame her.  I also think she looks just like Harris when she cries. :)

We had a few minutes to spare after cleaning things up, so we let Emmy open a couple of gifts and then finished the rest at home.

She had more of a fighting chance of actually getting to the gifts at home. :) 

I still can't believe that sweet baby is a year old already!  What fun it was to celebrate her all afternoon!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Emmy Doe!!!!

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