Saturday, December 15, 2012


Both Harry's class and Babe's class held special celebrations on Friday in honor of Christmas.  Hadley's official class party isn't until Wednesday, but Ms. Audra had an exciting "Polar Express" day on Friday.  Babe got to wear her pajamas to school (including her "Clarice" slippers), drink hot cocoa, and watch The Polar Express movie, in addition to other fun activities.  To say she is loving Pre-K would be an understatement.

Harris' class did have their official party on Friday afternoon.  I was able to swing by on my way to a doctor's appointment.  God bless Kindergarten teachers. 

The kids participated in a book swap, played Christmas bingo, made a couple crafts, and decorated sugar cone Christmas trees.  It was organized chaos at its finest.

He had such fun, though, and I love watching his heart in action.  While Harris was excited to open his gift from the book swap, he was even more excited to watch the little guy whose book Harry picked out open his.  I love that kid's heart!

I also couldn't be more thankful for our decision to have him start Kindergarten at six.  His comfort and ease in the classrom is something I'm simply not sure would have been present last year, and his teacher has been absolutely phenomenal.

We've got lots to celebrate!

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