Friday, December 21, 2012

A Chick-fil-a Christmas.

Now that Harris can read, nothing gets by him. 

He saw the advertisement for the Chick-fil-a Christmas party and made the decision that since it was on a Tuesday, our family should definitely go, even though it was at the "Chick-fil-a close to our house and not the Chick-fil-a by Granti's old work."

And our sweet family agreed.

It was crazy and crowded and chaotic.  The kids had a blast.

There was a gingerbread making station,

an ornament making station (Hadley made an ornament for Ms. Audra, her Pre-K teacher),

a Santa Claus station,

and an elf cow.

And almost nowhere to sit. :)

We managed to eat dinner, participate in all the crafts, get in a little playground time, and get home before anyone lost their sanity.

Now that was a Christmas miracle.

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