Sunday, February 19, 2012

V-Day Love, 2012.

This Valentine's Day, as always, began with the Table of Love.

In addition to sweet cards, the big kids received M&M's and stuffed monkeys (along with donuts for breakfast!), Emmy got a new rattle, Ben scored a gift certificate for a pedicure, and I got EXACTLY what I wanted:  one date a month planned by my most favorite man on the planet.  I love, love, love spending time with him, and when I can get all his attention, it's even better!

My littlest Valentine and I spent the day waiting to be reunited with everyone at Chick-fil-A. 

Sharing a  great dinner (even though there was no tortilla soup!) with the family was an excellent way to end our "day of love."  While I'm not big into the commercialization of Valentine's Day, it sure is fun to simply take a day to celebrate the special relationships in my life.

Maybe one day we'll have some good family shots that don't sport Chick-fil-A as the backdrop.  Until then...

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