Thursday, February 9, 2012

Disney, Animal Kingdom.

Our day at Animal Kingdom started off with breakfast inside the park at The Tusker House Restaurant.  Yum!  This breakfast buffet had all the standard favorites, plus donuts that rivaled Krispy Kreme and quite a few entrees with an African flair:  carved meat and fried plantains, just to name a few!  Plus, we got to meet Daisy Duck and visit with a few of our other favorite safari-themed characters during the meal.

Once again, Hadley jumped up to join in the singing and dancing with Goofy, while Harris chose to enjoy the show from his seat at the table. :)

The park didn't officially open until 9:00, but because our reservations were at 8:15, we got to go through the gates early.  We finished up breakfast right as the park was opening, so we headed straight for the safari and walked right on!

The animals were all up and moving about like crazy.  Our vehicle even got stopped for a few minutes by a few giraffes!  Nothing came close, however, to our run in with the "Horties" and "Dumbos" (which, of course, is Babe speak for elephants).

On our way over to Rafiki's Island (or whatever it's called), we even found some Hortie/Dumbo statues!

Rafiki's Conservation Station was one of our favorite attractions.  The kids got to meet Rafiki and hang out in the petting zoo for quite a bit.  It didn't hurt that we had to ride a train to get out there, either.

We enjoyed a few of the walking trails and ended up heading into the Bug's Life show next.  Funny, funny stuff...especially the couple of screams from Babe.

After much discussion about the smell emitted from the stink bug, we headed over to DinoLand to catch a ride on the Triceratop Spin, goof off in the playground (thanks, Daddy and Granti for exploring with the kiddos while I fed Em-Nut!) and eat lunch.  My little drama king ended up with a small scratch on his elbow from coming down the slide on the playground.  By the time I put a band-aid on his cut (simply to stop the crying, not because he needed it), he had declared his arm immobile for the rest of the afternoon.  He takes after me. :)

Harris and I wanted to ride Everest, but the FastPass time was much later than when we actually wanted to leave the park, so we joined the rest of the family at The Lion King show after eating.  I'm so glad we was AWESOME!  Hadley didn't take her eyes off of the (pretend) elephant for the entire show.

On our way out of the park, we decided to cash in our first snack credits of the trip.  I'd been eyeing the frozen banana for the past couple of days, and it did not disappoint!

We left the park in time to go back to the cabin and rest for a couple of hours before dinner.

Harris and Hadley used their rest time to memorize the 7-minute Disney commercial that played repeatedly on one of the in-room channels.  Cracked me up!  They loved watching it!!

Once we were all recovered, we drove over to The Polynesian Resort and headed to 'Ohana for dinner.  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  I think for our next trip, we'll make reservations here every night.

As soon as we sat down, food started arriving at our table and didn't stop until we got up!!  Coconut bread, pork dumplings, chicken wings, noodles, shrimp, chicken, steak, dessert...and it was all delicious.

Both Harris and Hadley chose to participate in the dinner events, also.  Babe tried her hand at sweeping the coconut, and Harry jumped up to dance when he realized they were handing out leis.  He wanted to get a few to bring back to Ms. Wendy, his teacher, and Auntie.

I took advantage of the break in eating to nurse the Emster, thus allowing her to enjoy the evening as well.

On the way out, we stopped by the resort gift shop, where the kids and I cashed in another snack credit (Mom and Ben decided to be stingy with theirs) and then took a stroll through the pool area at The Polynesian.  Pretty nice place.

We headed back to the cabin FULL.  Ben got the FastPass for the bathroom, so the rest of us changed into our pj's and waited our turn.


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