Monday, February 27, 2012

Big Top.

I could kick myself for leaving my camera at home yesterday! 

The circus is one of our favorite February past times, so back in the fall when I got a discount code for the Ringling Brothers show, I took advantage of the deal and bought what I thought were some pretty decent seats at a ridiculously low price.

"Decent seats" doesn't even come close.  We were dead center of the arena, five rows up from the floor.  The circus is a completely different experience from that vantage point.  It was awesome!

All five of us were mesmerized.  Hadley, of course, LOVED the elephants (especially the elephant who pooped all over the place...we had great seats for that!), Harris enjoyed the clowns, Ben was a fan of the man who lit himself on fire and was then flung across the arena, Emmy couldn't take her eyes off of the lights, and I liked the tumbling act.

Here are the phone pics I managed to take:

I'm pretty sure we spent more on cotton candy and popcorn than on the seats themselves. 

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