Friday, February 17, 2012

Two Months.

At two months, you weigh 10 lbs. 6 oz.  That's in the 37th percentile.  I'm not exactly sure how it stacks up against your brother and sister, but I'm certain that you weigh less than they did at this age.  You're also 22 1/4 inches long, which puts you in the 43rd percentile for height.  Good growing, girl.

You're still in size one diapers, and three month sized clothes fit you perfectly now.

You behaved beautifully on your first vacation (Disney World).  It was also your first night spent out of our house since returning from the hospital.  You smile ALL the time (especially when someone you love is talking to you) and you coo and shout and say "ohhhhhhhhh"  whenever we have conversations with you.  You do your best to mimic our facial expressions (sticking your tongue out is a fave) and you continue to love to be in places with lots of loud noise (Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that you spent your third trimester at Sanford Stadium and the Saturday before your birth at the SEC Championship Game.  Or it could simply be that you're the byproduct of your Daddy and me.  We're loud, sweet girl.).

You enjoy spending time on your playmat and have started to find your hands and actually reach for your toys.  When sleeping, you break out of your swaddle and seem to prefer having at least one arm loose.  You spent most of your second month going down for the evening at 9:00, waking around 4:00 to nurse, and waking to start your day around 7:30-8:00.  During the day time, you like to eat every three hours or so.  Naps continue to be whenever and whereever.  You're a great third child. :)

Your newest nickname, and the one we use to refer to you most often, is "Biggie Big Nut."  I don't really know how it came about, but it's obviously a derivative of "EmNut," which used to be the go-to pet name for you.  Harris and Hadley (along with Dad and me) use it all the time.

You make us smile every day.

We love you bunches, Biggie Big Nut.

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