Monday, June 20, 2011


On Friday night, our friends and family came together to celebrate five years of these guys:

It seriously seems like just yesterday they were born.


Despite the rainy weather and the first twenty minutes of the party spent in the indoor pool, we ended up having a fantastic time splashing around outside on this:

Kim, Britton, Ben, and I rented one of the local parks and recreation pools (complete with play structures, water slides, a lazy river/whirlpool area, and a shallow play area for the little ones) and ended up hosting one of the most family fun birthday parties I think I've ever attended.

The slides, of course, were a big hit with everybody.

Well, everyone but Babe.  She spent her evening playing in the kiddie pool and cuddled up with Ms. Ginnell.

The rain really cooled things off, but even with the chill, smiles were everywhere.

We ended the evening with cake,

and opened gifts as soon as we got home.

Happy, happy birthday, sweet boy!!

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