Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Cassidy and I have been planning on taking the kids to Babyland General for the last couple of weeks.  When Tyler arrived home yesterday and said that he'd be interested in going with us, we knew today was most definitely the day to make the trek up to Cleveland. 

Poor Tyler.  When he got to the house this morning and realized exactly where we were headed, his enthusiasm waned.  He thought he was getting himself into a short trip to the baby store (something like Babies R Us), and was more than willing to kill an hour or so with his sisters.  When he discovered we were actually planning on heading to "Cabbage Patch Kid Land," he wasn't quite so excited. 

Until we got there, that is.

The leafy cabbage chair was super cool, but Tyler quickly pointed out that the best photo op would be a life-size cabbage with a hole in the middle so that everyone would be able to stick their head in it and have their picture taken.  I'd have to say I agree with him.

Babe brought along "Baby Rosie," and the kids and Rosie (and the adults) thorougly enjoyed wandering the nursery halls.

While many of the exhibits are the same, the new Babyland General is huge!  It's extremely clean and spacious, with tons of dolls to look at and love and hug and buy for $250.00.

Take a look at the some of the kids available for adoption:

The big hit, of course, is the birthing tree.  We were lucky enough to see two baby girls (Grace Abbie and Olivia Susan) born during our trip today.

Harris was a little freaked out at the first delivery, but couldn't wait to watch the second!  Hadley, on the other hand, loved the deliveries, but freaked out quite a bit when I actually held the new baby.  Harry and Babe both "adopted" a small, furry dog from the hospital, and after watching the doctor check out the new babies, my sweet kiddos spent a good amount of time "checking" their new puppies. 

Turns out both are healthy and well!

And turns out Babyland General just earned a permanent spot on the tour.

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