Monday, June 27, 2011

Let the Summer O'Fun Resume...

After a very quiet week of it being just Ben and I at home, we are super stoked to have our family back under one roof.  While we enjoyed our "adult" time (think lots of eating out, sleeping late, and a trip to The Fabulous Fox Theatre for a production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"), we were more than ready for our sweet kiddos to return, and Harry, Babe and I wasted no time in getting back into our "Summer O'Fun" swing today.

For the fifth year in a row, we made our annual trip to Suwanee for some free fountain fun.  We were lucky enough to meet the Lockharts, Mayfields, and Boozers today, and the kids had a blast getting soaked.

Here's the best group shot I could manage.  They don't stay still for long!

Both Harris and Hadley continue to amaze me with their fearlessness around water.  They were more than eager to get wet and needed no prompting to hop right in.

Harris even, all on his own, made a beeline for the "huge, hugest" fountain right in the middle of the park. 

I promise he's in there!

Babe held her own in the bigger fountains, but wasn't quite feeling the biggest one today.  She much preferred checking on the "babies" and even took a few minutes for a quick tummy yummy break.

We played hard until lunch time, when we took over Mellow Mushroom.  Harry and Babe were even treated with Rita's (their very favorite) for dessert.

Hadley described the day with her trademark, "this is great!" and Harris raved about the experience as well.

We'll definitely be making a return trip.

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