Monday, June 24, 2013


Loves:  Star Wars, Legos (Hero Factory and Ninjago), snuggling, Kraft macaroni and cheese, drawing (mostly R2D2), the DIY and History channels and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, throwing the football in the backyard, playing with babies (Emmy and Thatcher), Angry Birds, using "facetime" on Ben's phone (and anything else electronic), reading, sausage patties, stuffed animals

Eats like a bottomless pit.


Very scheduled/structured.  Not a big fan of plans changing.

Extremely responsible and trustworthy.  Never lies or tries to hide anything.

Great sense of humor.  Can be sarcastic and somewhat of a smart alec but comes by it very honestly.  Learning to purposely push Babe's buttons.  In fact, really only gets in trouble for trying to tease/frustrate/upset her at times.

Very smart.  Always wanting to "google" things.

Drink of choice:  lemonade.  Hates milk but willingly follows our "at least one glass a day" rule.

Interested in money:  making and spending it. :)

Becoming more and more confident and outgoing every day.  Still gets nervous/anxious in new situations but makes friends easily and handles social situations well.

FINALLY learning to ride a bike without training wheels.  (It's just not something we do a ton around here.)

Family-oriented.  Loves doing things with our "whole family."

Started to say things like "duh," "darn it," "I know what I'm doing," and even "shyster."

Always complimented, though, on manners.

Still can't believe he's seven...

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