Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pre-Birthday Party.

Harris' birthday is tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  I will be the mother of a seven-year-old tomorrow.   SEVEN.

 Best seven years of my life. :)

We always celebrate birthdays with the fam at (where else?) Chick-fil-a with a homemade (thank you, Betty Crocker!), Daddy-decorated, birthday cake.  We typically just pick the Tuesday night closest to the actual birthday we're celebrating, but because Ben will be at school next week, Harry got to celebrate a little early. He didn't mind one bit!

Harris had some pretty specific requests for his cake this year:  it needed to be a "haunting" color, include a tunnel, and feature Obi Won and R2D2 battling a haunted dinosaur.  Oh, to be inside his brain for a day.  Or an hour.

Anyway, he and Ben worked hard on Monday night getting it just right:

Babe and I worked hard at cleaning up all the icing:

The end result was this:

We loaded that puppy up on Tuesday night to share with our peeps (both family and Chick-fil-a staff).  The kids were ready to dig in!  Especially Raven...

We didn't open any presents at Chick-fil-a but we did make a family trip to Target after dinner and Harris picked out a couple of small toys he'd like to receive from Ben and me.  Granti also bought him a Nijago Lego set for his big day AND let him take it home straight from Target.  He was pretty pumped.

I still can't believe he's getting so big...

He makes me laugh every. single. day.  He also makes me step back and take a deep breath every now and then.

Man, I love that kid.  Can't wait to continue his celebration this weekend!

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