Monday, June 17, 2013

Harry's Birthday.

We celebrated Harry's seventh birthday the same way we celebrate every other birthday in our family:  with powdered donuts and the birthday balloons. :)

My boy was so excited to get downstairs!  He (mostly) patiently waited for Daddy to get ready for work first, though.

He went straight for the gifts:  two Lego Hero factory "men," a small pack of GI Joe squinkies, and a Lego Star Wars t-shirt.  That pretty much sums up this stage of life for him. :)

The girls went straight for the donuts. :)

This goofy kid holds my heart.  Without a doubt, his birth began the best seven years of my life!

We spent the morning at the library, had "cheesy noodles" for lunch (his choice), and headed to Menchie's (with Poppa!) for snack after room time.  Dinner was also his choice:  Luigi's.  Harry was lucky enough to have Mimi and Poppa in town, along with Aunt Sally, Little Ben, and Baby Emily, to join us for dinner.

I still can't believe he's seven.  What an honor is to be his mama. :)

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