Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Eighteen Months.

She is growing up before my eyes.  We've been so busy having fun and not worrying about a calendar that it didn't hit me until today that my littlest girl is now eighteen months old.  Eighteen months.  That's crazy!

And in the last two weeks, it feels as if I've literally watched her grow before my eyes.  She plays with a purpose, she mimics everything, she expresses her needs and her wants, she intentionally makes us laugh, and she talks.

Babe and Harry have taught her how to "Gangham Style."  She sings "The Wheels on Bus," complete with hand motions.  She can ask for "milk" and "water" and "cheese" and "cheerios" and "fish."  She loves it when Hadley shares her lip gloss and is a big fan of reading books and coloring.

She wants her turn and is always saying/asking, "I wan' see."  Or else, "I wan' sit."  The girl has to be part of whatever's happening around her.

Now that our morning routine is a little more relaxed, she snuggles in bed with her Daddy before she starts moving for the day.  She can identify some body parts (nose, eyes, head) and make a few animal sounds (dog, cow, snake).

She eats and sleeps so well.  She answers most questions with "no" and refers to Thatcher as "Buddy."

She calls me "Ma."  Actually, it's more like, "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

She's amazing.

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