Friday, July 6, 2012

SOF 2012, Week Six.

Only three more weeks until I'm forced to join the working world again.  I love my job.  I also love the Summer of Fun.  I'll do my best to enjoy each.

Here's a recap of this week's adventures:

Monday:  Library.  Story time was packed out this week, but the kids still had a blast.  I think the theme was "Bedtime Stories."  And, of course, we came home with more "Jack and Annie" books.  Harry and Babe have even started to pretend like they are Jack and Annie.  Hadley has also announced that she would like to dress up like the Annie in "Vacation Under the Volcano, when she wears a toga" for Halloween.  I could swing a toga.

Tuesday:  Let's see...Tuesday.  Oh!  We took the van for an oil change.  And got to ride through the car wash.  We also went up to my office for about an hour so I could pretend to get a little work done and then took McDonald's over to Auntie's house for lunch while we let the dogs out.  Harris also had his six-year well-check, where he weighed in at 44 lbs. and was 45.5 inches tall.  And then Tuesday night at CFA we got to celebrate Cody's 25th birthday!

And, instead of a cake, he picked these no-wheat-flour muffins Mom's been making lately.  They're good, but they're no ice cream pie.  Oh, well.

Wednesday:  The Fourth of July!  We had a blast at the First Annual "Sparkle in the Park" in Lilburn.  The Captain looked great on patrol, and the kids, Granti, and me took advantage of all the awesome (FREE!) kids' activities before the show began...

We even had a chance to snap a few pictures with The Captain himself!  We sure do love that man.

Had has decided she LOVES "America."  Because "America has fireworks and cotton candy at her birthday party."  I can live with that logic!

We had great seats (with room to goof off for a little bit) for the actual fireworks.

Once the show began, we were all mesmerized.  Even Emmy kept her eyes glued on the sky.  I wasn't too sure what to expect, but it was honestly one of the best shows I've ever been to.  Props to you, Lilburn.  After the finale, Harris declared, "That was tremendous!"  And it really was.

Thursday:  Let's see.  We slept in a little on Thursday morning.  Just a little.  The big kids were excited about "pottery painting."  We've never done this before and I'd started talking it up, so hopes were high.  Unfortunately, the first two places we attempted to go were both out of business. :(  So, after stopping for lunch, we headed to the mall, where I knew a pottery place existed.

I'm pretty sure I looked like a walking advertisement for birth control.

The van was getting a tune up, so we were in the truck.  I didn't have Emmy's stroller, so I carried her all around the mall.  I wasn't planning on actually going to the mall (just sticking closer to the house), so I looked like a hot mess.  Minus the hot.  Stellar.

But the kids were GREAT!  And we ended up having an awesome time. :)

Harris chose a penguin to paint and Hadley, of course, picked an elephant.  She's named it "Elephant Lane."

Good stuff.

Friday:  Today, we met my BWF, Jennifer, and her kids up at Frances Meadows Aquatic Center (aka "the crazy pool").  It was so much fun!!!

The kids played so well together today...nobody even so much thought the word "annoring," which is a miracle!

There were firsts for everyone today, too.  Harris went down the enclosed (scary) slide and LOVED it, Babe went down the little kid slide and LOVED it, and Emmy played with the little fountains, splashed around, and tried to drink the water and LOVED it.  I'd call that a good day.

And then this:

Oh, summer. 

Don't leave.

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