Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fernandina, Baby! Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, we had to say goodbye to Tyler and Paige Cassady, but we got to say hello to Cody, Mo, Raven, and Sam.

Once again, we spent the morning at the beach.  Harris learned how to "surf."  He has become FEARLESS in the ocean.  Babe had a great time looking for shells with Granti and building sandcastles with CoCo. 

Beach time was, of course, followed by pool time.

Which, of course, was followed by lunch and naps.

For dinner we headed to Sliders, one of our very favorite restaurants on the beach.

The seafood is fantastic, the setting is awesome, and the playground that sits right in the middle of the outdoor tables is a parents' paradise.

And because it sits right on the beach, a special after-dinner trip is always required!!

We lucked out and finished eating as the tide was going out.  The kids started out simply getting their "feet wet" and ended up completely soaked.  Fun memories. :)

And cute, cute kids!!!!

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