Friday, July 13, 2012

Fernandina, Baby! Friday.

After a morning spent watching Bambi over breakfast, we went back to our tried and true routine.


I took Emmy for a morning stroll along the water's edge.  She passed out.

Hadley and Harris spent a lot of time running back and forth into the waves, building sandcastles with Granti, Raven, and Sam, and laughing.

Harry also spent a lot of time playing "Sea Iron Man."  Sooooo much fun to watch!

After the beach, we headed to the pool.  Emmy got to swim with Teen Wolf.

And Ben taught our little mermaid how to swim!  She was beyond excited!!!

When we were exhausted, we headed in for lunch and naps.  Both were good.

And then it was dinner time.  Cody, Mo, Raven, Sam, and Granti headed out for crab legs, while our little family hit up my favorite place ever, Pompeo's.

Easily the best meal of the week.  Pompeo's isn't much to look at, but the chef is old school Italian and makes THE BEST dinners.  We always order off of the nightly specials and have never, ever regretted our choice.


After dinner and a little t-shirt shopping, we met up with everyone at Fernandina's Fantastic Fudge Shoppe for a little ice cream treat.

We finished off the night by checking out a few more stores (and buying our annual Christmas ornament!) and taking Raven and Sam to check out the shrimp statue down on the dock.

And, in case you're wondering, Hadley's hand is very specifically placed in order to mimic a hoof.  Ever since watching Bambi, she is convinced that she is "Filene, the girl deer" and very rarely breaks character.  I love that kid's imagination.

Emmy didn't quite make it in the picture:

We headed for the condo, where Harris couldn't wait to hunt in the front lawn for baby frogs.  These things are everywhere, and the kids can't get enough of them!

We finished off the evening by lounging around.  The kids played for a little while before climbing into bed.  I have a feeling the adults aren't too far behind.

One more day of beachin' it before we have to head back to reality...

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