Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fernandina, Baby! Tuesday.

I never really pictured myself as a "matchy-matchy" Mom.  Hadley loves it, though, and so do I.  Those two little girls make me smile!

Tuesday was very much a repeat of Monday...which is just the way we like it!

We started at the beach.  Ben rode his bike, Emmy and me took a little stroll along the water's edge, and the big kids played with Granti in the waves while we waited for Tyler and Paige Cassady to wake up and join us.

Day Two of Emmy on the beach was absolutley perfect.  She took a little nap, hung out in the shade of the SportBrella, and even played a little bit in the sand with Granti and Daddy.

When Tyler and Paige finally woke up (my kids have learned that "teenagers" like to sleep), they joined us at the beach.  The kids absolutely love these two!!!

Hadley especially loved rocking Teenage Cassady's sunglasses.  Babe said she needed something to "protect her eyes."

I spent some time watching the action from my beach chair.  I am AMAZED at my sweet Harry's courage.  That boy is all about the ocean!  And while we still make him enter the waves with an adult for safety's sake, he no longer asks to be held or even hold hands.  He walks out as far as we'll let him, jumps over waves, "rides" waves into the shore, and laughs quite a bit, saying, "that wave is not even a challenge for me!"

While watching, I managed to snap a few pics of myself, much like Auntie would do if she were here.

Too bad she and DB picked Jamaica for their vacation this year.

Granti managed to snap a decent family pic, too, which makes me happy.

After the beach, we headed back to the pool.  Lots of this happened:

And then, showers, lunch, and naps.

And a little play time.  How awesome is it that cool baby/toddler stuff is kept here at the condo?!?!?!!?!

And then some fort building, courtesy of Ty Ty.  Who, for the record, was renamed "Joseph" by Hadley.

We headed downtown early enough to look through a few shops before enjoying dinner at Brett's Waterway Cafe (one of my personal faves)!

I am always amazed at my children's memories.  It is such fun to come to the same place every year and have them not only remember different landmarks/outings/restaurants but also look forward to those things!  I hope they learn to love Amelia Island as much as Ben and me do.

Dinner was fantastic.  And fancy.  Brett's is typically our big splurge for the week.  It's tons of fun, though, because the view is fantastic and the food is delicious.  I had scallops. :)

After eating, we walked down the dock and looked at all the boats.  My personal favorite was the HUGE, 95-foot yacht parked right up front.  I swear it was owned by George Clooney or some other famous movie star.  There's no way some normal people rode in on that thing.  It was awesome.

When we got back to the condo, Granti, Harris, Hadley, and me headed out to the beach for some more crab hunting.  We didn't see as many crabs (I don't think it was dark enough), but we had a great time writing messages in the sand (I <3 Harris and Hadley) and wearing our glow necklaces and bracelets.

And then we called it a day.  And a night.


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