Monday, June 18, 2012

To Remember.

hare bear,

a list, in no particular order, of things i absolutely love about you right now:

-you've perfected the high-pitched, bubbly, baby-talk voice.  and you speak to emmy with it all the time.  and she LOVES it.  at the sound of your voice and the sight of your face, she's all smiles and, more often than not, laughs like crazy.
-babe, on the other hand, has become "annoring" and "boring" to you.  y'all get along most of the time and love to play "tickle monster," read books, watch "pocoyo" in the mornings, and snuggle as family, but you also get on each other's nerves throughout the day.
-you know tons of popular songs.  it cracks me up.  favorites now include, "somebody that i used to know," "god's not dead; he's surely alive," "dynamite," "the sun goes down, the stars come out," and "tonight, we are let's set the world on fire..."  of course, i don't know the names of those songs, but those are some of the lyrics.  you, me, babe, and daddy sing at the top of our lungs when those songs come on the radio.  it's so much fun.
-you are smart.  you also like to point out when anything we say is not exactly right.  for example, i told hadley that she and emmy matched.  i said this because they were both wearing pink, ruffle-y skirts.  you quickly pointed out to all of us that they were, in fact, not matching because emmy's shirt said "princess" and babe's said "love."  you also reminded me, when i told you and babe that summer had begun the day after school got out, that summer did not actually start until june 21.  you're quite the little know-it-all.
-that being said, you can be very polite when you want to be.  you've got great manners when you remember to use them.
-you're a great reader.  you also have strong math skills and are looking forward to beginning public kindergarten in august.
-you are funny and are quite skilled with sarcasm.  you live with us. :)
-you're still a fan of "physical touch."  you LOVE snuggling, touching, playing with hair, and simply being close.  you've also developed a habit of constantly having your fingers in your mouth.  we're working on breaking that, but it's tough.
-you're into star wars, pokemon, stuffed animals, cars (hot wheels), the occasional train, and the history channel.  you LOVE to watch the history channel.
-you still like to whine.  you're completely capable of doing so many things on your own, but still need a little push every now and then to give new stuff a try.  you get frustrated easily, also, but you've come a long way with handling your emotions this year.
-you have started to enjoy the center of attention.  you talk with your hands, just like me.  your gestures crack us up!!!  you are so much fun be around and i am so thankful for the privelege of being your mom.

i love you, sweet boy.  all the way to heaven and back.

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