Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer of Fun 2012, Week Two.

Time flies when you're having fun!

I can't believe another week of summer has come to an end.  I am beyond tired, but the kids and I are having such a fun time hanging out with each other.  This week was no exception.

We spent the week at VBS.  Our church doesn't host your typical VBS, so for the past three summers the kids and I have had a great time hanging out at a local one right down the street.  It's become our second home.  Harry and Babe had a blast in their respective classes, Emmy rocked it out in the nursery, and I had a ton of fun serving as one of the "Craft Ladies."

It was a long week, but the kids learned so much about Jesus' true power, hope, riches, love, and peace, and made some great friends along the way.  My tender-hearted Harris bawled his eyes out as we pulled away on Friday...he falls in love quick and deep.  And hard.  I pray he always will, regardless of how much it hurts.

We were also able to catch Mr. Keith and his  magician/ventriloquist act at the library this week.  The kids were ENTHRALLED with the act.  Haley, Kim, and I...not so much.  It was still a lot of fun to watch Hadley, especially, cackle with delight at all his crazy tricks.

We signed up for the Summer Reading Program while we were there and checked out quite a few books.  The big kids were super pumped to read ten books this week because part of their summer reading packet included a free meal at Stevie B's after reading that many stories.  They can't wait to cash those bad boys in!

DB celebrated his birthday at Chick-fil-A this week, too.  Tyler even surprised everyone by walking in right as we were ordering!  It was awesome!!!

Emmy had her six-month well-check.  She probably wouldn't include that on the Summer of Fun list, though.

We ended the week and celebrated the final day of VBS by meeting Tyler for lunch at Johnny's and then heading out to Lilburn to watch Ben particpate in a Special Olympics fundraiser, "Cop on a Donut Shop."

I don't really have any words.

Because we were close to Ben's office and the donut shop didn't have a bathroom, we swung by the Captain's quarters on the way home.  The kids always enjoy seeing the "old place where bad guys used to go."

This time, we locked them in. :)

Super stoked for week number three!!!!!!!!

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