Saturday, June 9, 2012

Six Months.

Six months!!!!!!!!!!!

You are such a sweet baby.  You cry when you are tired, or hungry, or when you get stuck on furniture while rolling all over the floor.  Or when your diaper is full of poop.  Other than that, you smile. 

You weigh 15 lbs., 2 oz. (34th %) and are 25 inches long (26th %).  Your legs and your cheeks continue to chunk up, but you still seem so tiny to me! 

You are eating up a storm.  You nurse when you wake up (usually around 6:45 these days!!!!), have a healthy portion of oatmeal around 8:00 (I really have no idea how much you eat...I just fill up the bowl and we go to town!), nurse again around 11:00, eat a jar of baby food mixed with rice around 12:30, nurse about 3:15, eat another jar with rice around 5:00, and nurse and go down for the evening around 7:30.

We're almost through all of the stage one vegetables.  You've tried green peas, carrots, green beans, and sweet potatoes, and eat all of them well.  I think you prefer carrots and sweet potatoes to the green veggies, but you don't seem to be too picky.  The big kids love whenever we feed you something new!  Your sweet daddy wanted to make all of your baby food himself, but I finally convinced him to let me buy a few jars.  He makes sure it's all organic, though.  :)

Your brother and sister also love playing with you even more now that you can roll all over the floor.  We'll put you down in one place and you're across the room before we know it!  You seem to favor stuffed toys over the hard rattles, although you're content to stick both in your mouth.  You also really enjoy your exersaucer now.  You're able to move around and take advantage of all the toys and Harry and Babe think it's so much fun.

You're such a wonderful addition to our family!  Keep growing, baby girl!!!!

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