Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer of Fun, Week Four.

Summer.  Please slow down.


Highlights from the week include:

Monday:  Story time at the library.  Also crafts.  And book check-out.  This week, the kids chose as many as "Jack and Annie" books (The Magic Tree House) as they could.  Love those guys.

Tuesday:  A trip to the movies to see Yogi Bear.  Hadley continues to say, "Hey, Boo Boo...let's go steal a pic-a-nic basket" in her best Yogi Bear voice.  Harris liked it, and is continuing to warm up to movies, but did cry just a little bit at the end when he thought the frog turtle was in danger.

Wednesday:  We drove up to Cleveland to visit Babyland General for the morning.  I LOVE that place.  Harris, Hadley, and Auntie do as well.  This year, they added new ceramic Cabbage Patch heads to the lawn.  Because that is awesome and not at all scary.  :)

As always, we started our visit with a seat in the Cabbage Chair.  Red (not his real name) and Rose were lucky enough to make the trip with Harry and Babe this year.  One of the kids' favorite parts of Babyland is signing in and getting visitors' stickers for their babies.  It's the little things, isn't it?!?!?!

Our first stop was the nursery.  We held babies, hugged babies, kissed babies, and took some time to laugh at all of the funny-looking ones.

Emmy even got a little special loving from the "teacher."

Upon exiting the nursery, we entered the Cabbage Patch.  I like this room the's huge, it's the home of the birthing patch, and there are babies EVERYWHERE!  We even moved a few of them around so Rose and Red could "take a ride" on the moving cabbage leaves.

We stayed long enough to witness three births.  The kids loved watching as the babies were "born," but especially enjoyed watching them get their check-up through the nursery window.  There were two girls and one boy born during our visit and Auntie got to help name the little baby boy!  She gave him the first name, "Harris."  Someone else in the crowed picked the middle name, "Joseph."  It was very exciting.

After the baby's check-up, the doctor brought "Harris Joseph" out so the kids could hold him.  As I write this out, I realize how weird it is.  But believe me, it's also tons of fun!

Harris selected a small, stuffed penguin ("Waddles") as his souvenir and Hadley chose a new Cabbage Patch ("Lovie Myrtle") as hers.  We finished the morning with lunch at Wendy's on the way home.

We also had to say goodbye to Tyler and Paige on Wednesday afternoon.  That was not as much fun.  The kids are looking forward to Christmas and their next visit home.

Thursday:  We spent Thursday morning at the fountains (and Mellow Mushroom) with the Boozers and the Lockharts.  A good time was had by all.  And, out of seven non-infant children, we only had two drink spills at lunch.  I'd call that a win. :)

Friday:  On Friday, we cashed in our Groupon (this might be one of the best deals yet!) and headed to Catch Air.  I was prepared for huge crowds (and daycares), but there were probably 15-20 kids there total the entire morning.  The kids had a blast.  I got a little time I'll bring a book!

And that's how we spent week four.  Ben recently asked me if I was ready to go back to work.  My answer:  "NO!"  I'm sure I say this every summer, but I mean it each time.  We are having a BLAST...and I have no desire to see it come to an end.  Not yet, anyway.

Summer of Fun forever!!!!!!


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