Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Emmy's Baptism.

Our sweet Emmy was baptized last Sunday.  What an exciting day!  Talking with Harris and Hadley about baptism and sharing the experience as a family was special.  Harry and Babe asked lots of questions about baptism and we talked a lot about how they were baptized as babies, too, but they were by far most excited about getting to stand on the stage!

Harris is no longer shying away from attention.  He made faces, waved, and pretended to play the air guitar before I gripped his shoulder tightly and leaned down to whisper in his ear.  He's becoming quite the ham.

Carter baptized Emmy with water he brought back from his visit to the Jordan River, which is pretty neat.  And even though we still believe that one day, when she's older, Emmy will have to choose for herself whether or not she wants to follow Jesus, it's still unbelievably awesome to take time to recognize and celebrate all the things God has already done for her!  He has chosen her and loves her and sent His Son to die for her and baptism, much like a wedding ring, is such a powerful symbol of that love.

We were so blessed to have lots and lots and lots of family present.  We are, of course, always grateful for our church family, but it was fun to have the rest of our family in attendance, too!!!  Mema, Granti, Pop, Auntie, DB, CoCo, Sam, Mimi, Poppa, DoDo, Aunt Sally, Uncle Seth, and Little Ben all made the trip to The Way.  Emmy Doe is one well-loved little girl!!

Just a little sidenote:  I am so, so thankful for my family and their display of love for me (and Emmy).  It makes my heart happy to know that they love us so much they'd be willing to do something they don't normally do just because it's important to me.  I love them.

We celebrated Big Nut's big day with lunch at Fernando's.  If you haven't eaten their Sunday buffet, do it.  It'll change your life.

And, if you go this Sunday (or any other Sunday), you just might see us there!  :)

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