Monday, June 18, 2012

Six Years.

Harris' birthday celebration begin, per tradition, with breakfast.  And balloons.

Somewhere along the way, the big kids decided that powdered donuts were the perfect start to a birthday celebration and we chose not to argue with them.  It's a great, inexpensive treat that they never ask for unless a birthday is rolling around.  I love it! 

This kid was pumped for his birthday.  I seriously cannot believe he is six.  SIX!

Once everyone was awake and functioning, we headed downstairs for gifts.  Ben, Hadley, Emmy, and myself picked out the following for Harris this year:  a MarioKart t-shirt, a pack of Pokemon cards, a Pikachu Pokemon toy, and a Magic Tree House book (the one about Abe Lincoln!). 

I think we did pretty well. :)

Ben headed off to work after the morning festivities and the kids and I continued with our normal Summer of Fun activities while we waited for the evening celebration to begin.

Ben arrived home from work in time to decorate Harris' birthday cake.  Harry specifically requested a scene from Super Mario Brothers 3:  Water World, Board One, with Mario, a pipe, and a squid.  Here's what he got:

I told Ben that I wasn't sure it was his best work ever, but Harris was pleased with the end result.  I sure do love that man...he takes his decorating pretty seriously and we LOVE being able to have all of our very favorite details on our cakes!

We headed out to Luigi's (a second choice after Sonic) to celebrate with our family for dinner. 

Cassidy and DB couldn't make it, but we had a great time eating and laughing and singing with Granti, CoCo, Sam, Tyler, and Paige.

The cake, of course, was the big hit...even with the staff. 

And Harris, of course, was a big ham.  That kid keeps me laughing!

What a fun day of celebrating the first born in our family!  He never ceases to amaze me and has made being a mom so much fun. 

Happy Birthday, Harris!

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