Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pool Party!

After having such a blast at Harris and Quinn's pool party last year, Kim and I decided not to mess with a good thing and throw the exact same party this year.  It was AWESOME!

Because Quinn and Harry have grown up in church together, our families have so many of the same friends.  And because combining our finances allows us to have a little more spending power, we've been able to rent the pool from our local parks and recreation department the past two summers for some private fun!  We so enjoyed the two large water slides, lazy river and whirlpool, water play structure, and toddler area and were able to get great use out of it!  This is totally one of those parties where everybody wins:  kids, parents, grandparents, aunts and's always a blast!

Hadley attempted the big slide once with Ben.  She wasn't a fan.  She went wild with all the other activities, though.  Harris took advantage of EVERYTHING.  You name it, he was doing it.

Emmy simply got loved on by anyone wearing dry clothes. :)

When it came time for cake, we sang twice:  once for Harris and once for Quinn.

Our guests then got to choose between Harris' Transformers cake and Quinn's summertime cupcakes. 

Because Tyler was in town from Louisiana and our Athens family were all present and accounted for, we decided to snap some quick family pictures.



Grandkids (minus Big Quinn).

Great Grandkids.


The evening really did turn out nicely.  In order to maximize our time at the pool, we opened all the gifts at our respective houses.  Harris really got some great stuff!

I had to laugh when he opened this from the Boozers, though:

That boy was beside himself excited to get a "swim shirt!"  He ripped open the pacakge and exclaimed, "A swim shirt!  I've always wanted one of these!  Now I do not have to show my belly!"

Love that kid.

Happy Birthday again, big guy.

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  1. That looks incredible!! Hate that we couldn't come. Miss you all!