Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer of Fun, Week of July 1.

This week was a bit of a "break" for me.  The biggies had the opportunity to go to the beach, so it ended up being just the babies and me all week long (while Ben was at work, that is)!  We sure did miss Babe and Harry!  In fact, I wish I had recorded Emmy's reunion with them at the end of the week...her face LIT UP when she saw her brother and sister walk through the door.  Seriously...better than a kid at Christmas!!!!!!

I am so, so thankful to have everyone back at home!

Thatch, Emmy, and I took things pretty easy while Harris and Hadley were gone.  We spent our days going to the gym and hanging around the house.  On Monday night, I even had the chance to meet up with some high school friends for dinner!  That was pretty much the highlight of my week.  :)

The constant rain made it difficult to get out of the house...it just wasn't worth it to leave!  I didn't even go to the grocery store all week. :)  Ben had Thursday off of work and we spent most of that day sitting around, too (minus a trip to Five Guys for dinner).

We also managed to watch a couple of movies (Zero Dark Thirty and End of Watch) this week.  That's something to be proud of around our house!

We did drive up to Athens to visit some family on Saturday night.  My aunt volunteered to watch the babies while Ben and me walked downtown for dinner (she seriously lives in SUCH an awesome location) and we totally took her up on her offer.  We ended up eating at Taqueria Del Sol and stopping at Wendy's for Frosty Waffle Cones before strolling back to her house.  I think we've decided Athens might be the next place we move.  :)

Harry and Babe were home in time for church on Sunday!  We were so excited to see them!!!!  We celebrated their return home with lunch at Los Hermanos and a super fun evening spent at Stars and Strikes with the Lockharts and the Boozers.

We scored an AWESOME Groupon that included bowling, bumper cars, and arcade games and then we added a little laser tag/laser maze action as well as dinner and ended up spending FOUR hours at the bowling alley on Sunday evening.  Of course, I only have phone pics to document our outing.  But hey:  even phone pics are impressive when you're out with six adults (one of whom is 10 months pregnant) and 10 kids!

While the whole night was fun, I 'd have to say my favorite parts were getting to reenact a little real-life "Entrapment" with Kim in the laser maze and chowing down on some bowling alley food. 

Hopefully, once Baby Carris arrives and gets used to this crazy world (and once another Groupon becomes available), we'll be able to spend another evening bowling the night away.

Of course, I do have to go back to work at the end of the month...

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