Monday, July 1, 2013

Five Months.

We call you "Buddy" now.  Sometimes we say "Thatchy-Buddy" but most of the time it's just plain ol' "Buddy."  Even Emmy says your name:  "Hiiiiiii, Buddy."  It's sweet.  I hope you like it; I have a feeling this will be the name that sticks. :)

I'm actually a couple of weeks behind on the update.  It's been such a sweet, sweet (crazy busy!) summer...and you've been an absolute doll.  Not much has changed this month, honestly.  Still wearing 6-12 month clothes, still wearing size 3 or 4 diaper (you and Emmy share--you can both wear either size), still nursing four times a day (7:15ish, 11:30ish, 3:45ish, 8:00ish, and since I've been home for the summer, you haven't had any bottles all month!), still sleeping wonderfully.  You go down for the evening right after your final feeding.  We had a rough couple of weeks where you would wake up and fuss for a few minutes two or three times a night but you seem to (thankfully) have grown out of that.

Your nap schedule is still crazy (you're sooooo great about going with the flow) but I've started putting you in your crib around 12:30 or 1:00 for your afternoon nap.  I was worried you would wake Emmy if I had you napping in the same room but you both sleep like champs!  So far, so good.

You transitioned to the bigger size pacis a couple of weeks ago.  I'm not even sure you noticed the difference.  You spend more time rolling, rolling, and rolling when you're on the floor and can also inch your way forward on your belly.  You haven't rolled across the room yet but I feel certain that's coming soon.  I've also seen you get your knees up and raise your entire chest off the ground but you haven't mastered doing those two things at the same time yet.  That's okay with me.  You still LOVE to be an upright position, though, and prefer your jumpy seat to the exersaucer.  The big kids love to play with you when you're in the jumpy!

You smile all the time and are perfectly pleasant most of the day.  Everyone comments on what a great baby you are.  It's true.  You are adorable.

We're holding off on cereal until later in July.  You're so content to nurse and I honestly don't want to add anything else to the craziness until I have to.  I know Babe and Harry will be so excited to watch you eat, though...

You are well loved, little boy.  We are so, so thankful for our "Buddy."

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