Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Day Full of Family and Fun.

Yesterday was a busy day.  And you know we must have been all over the place for me to describe it as busy!

Harris, Hadley, Thatcher, and I started the day by going to see "Turbo" with the fam for Sam's third birthday. (Ben and Emmy opted out of the movie experience.  Emmy's not into the whole movie scene yet and she definitely needed a nap in order to make it the rest of the day, so she and Ben enjoyed a little one on one time together.)

After the movie, we headed back to Granti's to share cupcakes with Sam!  

I think that's his happy face...

We tried to get some pics of all the kids together.  It didn't work.

I do think that this one, though, captures their personalities pretty perfectly:

And not to be left out, Thatcher and Kendall got in a little hang time, too.

After Sam's party, we met back up with Ben and Emmy and headed to a surprise 40th birthday party for one Ben's best friends immediately followed by Baby Emily's baptism and an evening with the other side of our family!

Here are all four of our crazies with Mimi and Poppa.

And yes, we slept well last night. :)  I think they did, too.

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