Monday, July 22, 2013

Six Months.

Happy Half-Birthday, my sweet boy!

Let's see.  Here's the latest and greatest on you:

-You started eating rice cereal mixed with breast milk last week.  Today you started on oat.  We'll also add an evening cereal feeding around dinner time today.  You're a champ.
-You are a stomach sleeper!  Not sure if I've mentioned this or not before but it's been true since you were able to roll.  In fact, if you're strapped into your bouncy seat and are unable to get to your stomach to sleep, you will fuss and fuss and fuss.  You're a boy after my own sleepy heart.
-You're a man on the move now.  You have the ability to roll where you want to go but most of the time you simply drag yourself forward.  You can get your knees up under you without any problems and while you haven't straightened your arms at the same time yet, you have no problem moving forward on your knees and elbows.  It's much more of a drag/creep/propel than it is a crawl but you're learning to get where you want to go.
-Your legs are still strong.  The doorway jump seat is still your favorite and your exersaucer is growing on you more and more every day.
-You've got the same sleep/nurse schedule.  Up for the day and nurse between 7-7:30, cereal with the biggies around 8-8:30, morning nap somewhere in there, nurse around 11:30 or so, afternoon nap at some point, nurse around 3:30, nurse around 8:00 and down for bed.  Tyler stayed with y'all the other night when Daddy and me went out for dinner with some friends and you drank a 10 oz. bottle at bedtime.  It's the only bottle you've had this summer.
-Still in size 3-4 diapers and 6-12 month clothes.  Your well check isn't until next week, so we'll have to wait on your official stats.
-You love your paci (or "pass" as Emmy calls it).  It's just about the only thing you'll cry for...
-Harris has become your caretaker.  If you're crying, he steps in and scoops you up, holds you, comforts you, pats your back, sits with you, whatever...he loves to carry you around the house.  Babe and Emmy love playing with you on the floor or in your jumpy seat.  You're pretty popular around here.
-We still call you Buddy.  More and more and more.  Anytime we're out in public and someone speaks to Emmy, she makes sure to point out her "Buh-y."  She also says your name every time she wakes up; she's always looking to see if we need to get you out of your crib, too.
-You're still my easy going, super cuddly, lovable, adorable, nothing but content, baby of all my babies boy.

And everyone, everywhere says you look just like Harris.  It's kinda true.

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