Friday, March 29, 2013

The Spring Bonnet Parade

Unfortunately, the First Day of Spring wasn't all that spring-y.  It's been quite a process helping Babe understand that Spring doesn't automatically equal warm weather and springtime clothes.  She'll probably catch on just as things start to heat up. :)

The First Day of Spring does, however, always bring the Primrose Spring Bonnet Parade and Hadley was so excited to have yet another opportunity to be in the spotlight...especially because her class chose the them "Sing a Song of Sixpence" and dressed up like kings and queens for the day.  There couldn't have been a better theme for my girl!

She came out strong, like I knew she would, prancing and waving and allowing herself to be "escorted" by her king.  For the record, there were no other escorts.  Poor Jason.

Because the parade was on a Wednesday, Auntie was able to come watch Hadley as well.  Babe, of course, was thrilled.

I always leave Primrose with the same thought stuck in my head: God bless Ms. Audra and all the other Pre-K teachers of the world.

And Happy, Happy Spring!

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