Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 13.

Our family celebrated Babe's fifth birthday in the traditional way...birthday balloons and powdered donuts. :)

It was a bit of a hectic morning:  it was my first day back at work after Thatcher's birth, Ben had "trial week" at work, and we were surprised to find that Emmy had thrown up in her crib (and her hair) at some point during the night...

We got it together, though, and were able to give our very favorite five-year-old girl the best birthday breakfast ever.

 The kids were pumped about their donuts (and yes, we let Emmy eat one...)

 and Hadley was so excited about her gifts from the family (new underwear and a "Brave" dress).

After breakfast, Ben took Hadley to school, where her classroom was decorated with a "Happy Birthday, Hadley" banner.  She was stoked!!!!!  She also took (more) powdered donuts and apple juice to share with her class.  (Evidently, our kids think powdered donuts are the best thing ever!)

As soon as we got home for the day, Had immediately changed into her new princess dress and hopped on her horse, "Jenna."  Of course, she had to ride "side saddle'" because of her dress...

She's most definitely a princess. :)

Happy Birthday, Hadley Anne!

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