Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Ariel Cake.

We tend to spread birthday celebrations over a week-long period around these parts. :)

For Babe's final "party," we celebrated with Granti, Auntie, Cody, Mo, Sam, and Raven at Chick-fil-a (DB had to work and Tyler, of course, is too far away.  We got in a little Facetime action with Ty Ty, though, so it was all good.)  We usually eat at Chick-fil-a on Tuesday nights but had to change the day due to Harris' baseball schedule.  I'm so thankful for a family that values time together and is willing to adjust their own schedules to make time for my kids!

Ben always makes the kids the cake of their choice for the Chick-fil-a celebration.  This year, Hadley chose an "Ariel cake."

I'm so thankful I took a picture of the finished product before we left the house, because I ended up forgetting my camera and not taking any pictures there.

He's got skillz, that man of mine. :)

Happy Birthday (yet again), Sweet Pea!

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