Sunday, March 3, 2013

Around Our House Lately...

Let's see...

Emmy's new favorite thing to do is color/draw/write.  And if she can't color/draw/write, then she prefers to simply pretend.  And make a mess.  I find her with crayons and/or markers absolutely every day.

She's also my climber.  I don't remember Harris and Hadley climbing nearly as much as this little monkey does.  She has no fear.  And a very hard head. :)

Thatcher continues to become more and more aware of his environment and is captivated by his toys and/or his reflection quite a bit of the time.

The biggies celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday at school by wearing pajamas (and their "thing" shirts!), reading and watching lots of Dr. Seuss books and movies, and eating green eggs and ham.  They were in heaven!

Here are a few more shots of the littlies simply laying around.  That's a pretty common occurrence these days.

Homeboy can't fight the tummy time nap.

This past Saturday, I took the girls to a birthday party for a classmate of Hadley's while Ben took the boys to Harris' first baseball practice, followed by an afternoon of "Cars."

And then Ben and I got to have another night out to celebrate the wedding of one of my college roommates!

Lots of exciting times these days!!!

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