Friday, March 15, 2013

A (Quick) Fifteen Month Update.

At fifteen months...

You weigh 21 lbs. (21st %) and are 29.5 inches long (23rd%).  You are, without a doubt, our "little" girl.

You've also (finally!) decided that you prefer to walk rather than crawl...and it was a VERY obvious decision.  For whatever reason, on March 8, you just took off on those teeny tiny feet of yours.  There's been no looking back. :)

You're my climber.  If a big kid can do it, so can you.

And you're my clinger.  You're not a snuggler by any means, but you love to be held.  And you prefer that the person holding you be standing.

Favorites this month include rocking in your rocking chair or on your small rocking horse, reading, coloring, and mess making.

Love you, girl!!!

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