Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving, 2012.

Emmy Doe celebrated her very first Thanksgiving by spending time with friends and family at Aunt Sally's house.

We had quite the spread for lunch, but I'm certain Doe's favorite food item was the sugar cookie we gave her.  She gobbled that thing up!

Because we were out and about and hanging with loved ones we don't often get to see, we let Emmy skip her afternoon nap.  That sweet baby was exhuasted!  Ben was a troooper at keeping her entertained and (eventually) helping her fall asleep.  She is an awesome sleeper at home, but tends to struggle in unfamiliar areas...especially when there's not a quiet place for her to simply lay down. 

We made it through the afternoon, though (and had a fabulous time!) and then headed over to Granti's to meet up with Harry and Babe.  We hung out with Cody for a little bit, playing video games and listening to music, before heading over to the square for the annual Lighting of the Tree.

The weather was perfect!  We were able to meet Auntie and DB and have a great time exploring the light displays and singing along with the Christmas carols before watching the tree light up for the first time and waving to Santa as he rode in on the back of a tow truck!

After the festivities on the square, Granti and Daddy headed over to look through the antique stores while the rest of us got a table at McCray's for a quick bite to eat.  We then headed home, put on our new Christmas pajamas for the first time this season, and (after putting Emmy in bed) snuggled up to watch "The Charlie Brown Mayflower" show before calling it a night.

I am so, so thankful for my family!

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